Why do you run?


”Night at Breaking2” Nike and Airbnb are partnering to give 10 people the opportunity to witness Breaking2 in person. (http://news.nike.com/news/nike-announces-its-breaking2-race-window). The question on the website to participate: ”Why do you run?’, here is my answer but in a longer version since the webpage has a character limit!

I run because… it makes me feel alive. Exhaustive breathing, aching legs and the voice in my head telling me that it is not easy, and that starts fighting with my inner feeling of trying my best, gives everything a purpose. My alarm goes on when it is still dark outside and I go out there because I want to push away all of my fears and doubts, I want to see how far I can go and how much I can do; because I would rather challenge myself every day and turn my ‘but’s and what if’s’ into action, than keep my dreams in my head. I run to inspire people, to experience the excitement of running from those whom I’ve shared a little bit of my passion and love with. I run because I have a crazy mind and a huge heart with big dreams.

And most importantly, I run because it has changed my life. It has taken me places I never imagined and taught me that if I am brave enough to take the first step, I am already winning.

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