Things I learned about running a Marathon (42.195kms)

In December 2015 I set a goal: Running my first marathon in 2016. So I first started training for a Half Marathon in Mexico City and after setting a new PR I kept on training for the Mexico City Marathon (PR: 3hr:52). 6 weeks after completing the first one, I was running the Chicago Marathon and set a new PR! (3:41:45).

A Marathon journey is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either, you will have ups and downs and will even question yourself on why you are doing it; but after crossing the finish-line, every second of training becomes worth it. Here are 10 things I learned about the Marathon:

10. Set small goals during your training process

9. GU gels or Energy Bars are not for everyone (I personally get disgusted from anything besides liquids when running)

8. Hydrate in every station (with small sips) or just rinse your mouth

7. Try everything you will wear and eat on Race Day during your Long Runs

6. Warm up before running and never forget to stretch when you’re done and thank your body

5. Listen to your body and rest one day a week

4. Run the first half at a confortable pace and you’re already half way there, finish strong!

3. Create a playlist with the songs that motivate you most

2. Mind over matter. Mind over muscle. Mind over everything. Your thoughts are your motivation!

1.Run with your heart

Running a marathon is definitely not easy, but if you simply learn to commit and take care of yourself, you will make it! Maybe you will even discover your inner marathoner and wish to travel the world to complete marathons just like me!

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