New Years Resolutions vs. Everyday Resolutions

So the first month of the year is almost over and most people would say these days are their last chance to set goals for the year, and they are certainly not!

It is very important to set long term goals that you wish to accomplish during 2017 so that you can be driven and motivated by them all year long! However, it is essential to set short term goals and use them as small steps to accomplish your biggest goals.

It is easy to lose motivation if you see your goals as something that will take a very long time and is somehow out of reach. If you set monthly goals, weekly goals or even daily goals you will start to feel a sense of accomplishment regularly and you will notice your progress much easily, and once that happens it is almost impossible to stop!

I am a runner and of course my 2017 is full of new running goals, new PR’s and so on. But this year I decided to challenge myself further and set non-running related goals: doing a handstand, swimming a certain distance / time without stopping, getting stronger by going to the gym, and some others. I recently started trying out the handstand and so far so good! And like everything, practice and commitment will get you wherever you want. In the end, all of these goals will help me with my running and I am challenging myself at the same time by trying new things! It may also help you to start writing those goals or maybe putting them up in a calendar, always do what you find best and what motivates you more.

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